10 Ways to Find a Book Editor

Here are some several ways to find an editor for your book. Remember to have a budget in mind and be flexible on the price, based on the quality work you're seeking. Some people may do the editing work for the experience and yet it is great to begin to pay people even when they are willing to work for only experience.

  1. Other people who may read a lot, sometimes make great editors even though they never edited. Perhaps a close friend, family member or colleague.
  2. Many people have found Craigslist to be very resourceful.
  3. Perhaps contacting the local college, seeking an English major may yield a proofreader/editor.
  4. Look at the editors/proofreaders in some of your favorite books.
  5. Contact your local independent bookstore perhaps they know of local editors.
  6. Post help wanted messages on your Facebook Wall and in various Facebook Writing Groups.
  7. Post several tweets on different days at different times of the day.
  8. Send out an email to your list asking if anyone edits or knows an editor.
  9. Google freelance sites for editors.
  10. You'll find more ways in How to Self Publish for Profit which I've authored.