Publishing Content to Kindle

Below is a repost, word for word from Ty Cohen.

People always ask me what is it that allows me to do so well publishing content to Kindle...
Well besides the obvious stuff like actually "starting", staying focused and not giving up, I also advise that you.

#1- Come up with a basic plan first. (note I said "basic" if you spend more than 2 days 
planning you are over-complicating the process... In other words procrastinating ;-) 

#2- Put together a set of SYSTEMS to making your plan run day in and day out predictably. I thought I was the man, but Rex Richard is *The Man* when it comes to systems (I found this out during our mastermind last week in Arizona)

#3- And finally leverage the power of technology and other people's time and smarts to make your systems run without your involvement. (I love knowing that I'm making money even when I'm asleep, on vacation or even.. Gasp dare I say it working (Which is really fun when you do it the right way)

#4- You then work ONE TIME to put it all together... and spend the rest of your time testing, measuring response and tweaking the system.

#5- Rinse and repeat (Start putting the next "system" in place.. Before you know it you'll have a few of these things pulling in paper for you.... Paper means Cash just in case you're like Sean McAlister and from WV ;-) I'm currently working on creating a set of systems that will help me to grow an Appsolutely huge empire (get it App Solutely... My next venture is in the app industry and going well already... Systems baby, systems : 0)

Ty Cohen - AKA The Systems Master

P.S. Time for me to go back underground, there's systems waiting to be created...

P.P.S. I'm running a few test on how people are becoming more and more opened to *Freely* helping others... Will you help me by sharing this on your wall? (neither one of us will make money from it, but we may be able to possibly help someone else who may need to read this.. Thanks!)

Because, of some of Ty's teachings I'm able to enjoy a higher quality of life which includes taking my mom and dad out on a regular basis. I don't wait until Mother's or Father's Day to pick them up and go to breakfast, lunch and dinner or see a movie in the middle of the day. The only thing Ty and I have disagreed on is who is going to reach their next MAJOR sells goals on a CONSISTENT basis on Kindle USA. Of course, the answer is I am. ;-)

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