Where will you sell the most ebooks Kindle, Nook or iBooks

Based on information provided on various groups including the KDP Community, blogs, etc. Authors continue to see the bulk of their sells through Kindle Direct Publishing, Nook then iBook in that order.

Authors who use all three services and report on their numbers seem to say 75% - 95% of their sells come through KDP, followed by Nook and the rest in other. Other would include iBooks.

Amazon, simply controls more of the market share in terms of ebook reader penetration. Kindle continues to offer various reader incentive program driving more sells. It's wise to make your ebooks available in as many outlets as possible given you have the means and resources to do so.


If you have an ISBN for your book you may as well upload to iBooks, but if you don't and can't afford one at the moment it may be best to stick with Kindle and Nook as they don't require you have one.

iBooks (Apple) creates more barriers to entry than Kindle does, making Kindle yet and still the preferred ebook distributor. For instance, with Apple you need an ISBN with every book you publish with Kindle you don't.

Another factor not considered in this post is publishing your own ebook and selling it direct from your own website, blog, social media profiles, etc. You may do this for as little as $5/month at e-junkie.
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