Publish Your eBook in 30 Days - You Can Do This

You CAN Do This!

One of the ways you may find most beneficial to earning passive revenue is by publishing ebooks. Specifically, publishing ebooks for the most widely sold ereader on the market Amazon's Kindle. You've probably already seen then, heard about them and/or have one yourself

You may turn your academic, professional and/or life experiences into short ebooks and publish them. You may turn your MANY Facebook post into ebooks by compiling, editing and adding additional details for your target reader. Every time you add content be it newsworthy, educational, academic, professional and/or entertaining, you're adding value to Facebook where the owner/operators, shareholders and employees benefit FINANCIALLY and you benefit from some social cosmic good feeling. It's time to turn "YOUR" intellectual property into passive revenue.

You may also do what other publishers are doing which is to hire writers and have them write for you. This gives you the ability to create more ebooks within a shorter time frame. That's right, you don't necessarily have to be a writer to do this. Those who doubt are still complaining they don't have any or much money, blaming republicans, the independently wealthy, democrats, President Obama and who knows who else instead of using this information, testing it out and being the change they voted for.

What's great is when you follow the SYSTEM, you have the greatest chance of earning money day, after day, week after week and GET PAID month after month. This isn't a get rich quick scheme or overnight success! There's work that is required. You will have to invest time to make this happen, but again it's very possible for you to actually earn money doing this.

Now then where do you grow from here? Here are two options and you may choose both. :-)

STEP 1-Visit follow the link on the site that reads click here. It will take you to a video. Watch the video and do exactly as it suggest you do. You'll be on your way.

STEP 2-Contact me about coaching/consulting you for an hour. During this hour I will help remove doubt, fear and skepticism, by answering your questions, providing you with practical solutions, feedback and steps for you to get started.

STEP 3-To ensure you stay FOCUSED, you'll want to take the free ecourse I've designed for you at

STEP 4-Follow up with me to let me know that you've started taken steps immediately. You don't necessarily have to follow in sequence steps 1 through 3, but it helps. :-)