How You May Increase Ebook (Kindle) Sells!


I have a few ebooks for sell in the same genre on Kindle. When I first uploaded the ebooks to Kindle in the middle of last year they were all priced at $9.99. At one point the ebooks were selling fairly well. Something happened and the books stopped selling, so well, but they still sold nonetheless.

One of the books got a few very negative reviews, because people thought the book was too short, so I lowered the price a few times and settled on $5.99 since that seemed to be the sweet spot, plus I noticed other books that were selling well in the same genre had lowered their prices as well.

Recently, I lowered the price of two of the other books in that same genre to $5.99 and within a few days I started to see an increase in sells,

Hopefully, there's something you may learn from my own experience. You may also want to visit