Increase Kindle eBook Sells

How you may increase your ebook sells on Kindle month after month? This information below may seem overly simplified, but it's sticking to the fundamentals that works time and time again.

If you're thinking merely as writer/author as opposed to a publisher/business person some of the information about how to increase your Kindle eBook sells may not be applicable to you.

  2. Conduct more research on genres that are selling and that aren't overly saturated.
  3. Find new genres to write about.
  4. Upload more titles, faster and more consistently.
  5. Set higher goals and not making excuses for not achieving them. Learn and grow from there.
  6. Put in the work even when you might not "feel" like it.
  7. Focus Your Motivation.
  8. Sticking with the basics as taught by Ty Cohen using the Kindle Cash Flow System