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Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) Now Enables Authors 
and Publishers to Independently Publish 
Their Books in the Kindle Store

KDP authors and publishers can now utilize 
the new French language KDP website and support 
to make their books available in France, Germany, 
the UK, US and more than 100 countries worldwide, 
while continuing to own the rights to their books.

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Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is a fast, free 
and easy way for authors and publishers to make 
their books available to Kindle customers worldwide 
via Kindle, on the web with Kindle Cloud Reader 
and on free Kindle reading apps for Android, iPad, 
iPhone, iPod touch, Windows Phone, PC and Mac. 

The popular KDP 70% royalty option is also now 
available for books sold in France, Belgium, 
and Monaco; and authors and publishers can receive 
their payment in Euros, British pounds or US dollars.

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"Authors and publishers can now reach more readers 
by using Kindle Direct Publishing to make their 
books available to French customers in the new Kindle Store, as well as customers 
all over the world," said Greg Greeley, 
vice president, European Retail. 

"Authors in many countries have already seen 
tremendous success with KDP, like American author 
John Locke who has sold more than 1 million Kindle 
books using KDP, and we're happy to bring the 
program to French authors and publishers."

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from the Kindle Direct Publishing Newsletter.
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