What Is Self-Publishing Your Own Book?

Not long ago Servant Jones asked me about self-publishing and using companies such as Xlibris, E-Booktime or Dog Ear Publishing, below is my response. It should be noted that among other things the Servant Jones stated "I don't have much money, I'm just trying to realize my life long dream of publishing my first book and I have a small buzz of people maybe 200 or so who are waiting to read it."

When I speak of self-publishing I speak of the author starting and running their own publishing company and growing from there. With that in mind when I speak of self-publishing I speak of the author taking full control of their own destiny with the will of the Creator and the sanction of the ancestors.

You have with in you the ability to make it happen if only you Think, Plan and Execute. If you take the road I and many others have taken to truly self-publish your own books you maintain complete creative control over your content and layout design. Additionally, you are able to keep more of the profit vs. what you would get using a company such as Xlibris, E-Bootime or Dog Ear Publishing. Your upfront cost may be slightly higher, but you stand to make substantially more than you would per book sold than if you were using one of the companies mentioned above.

In How to Self-Publish for Profit I take you through the steps that I use to publish my own books. To date I've published six (6) books and there's no sign of letting up now, were on a roll. You'll also find a wealth of information and resources in BOOK PIMPING and Make Money Self Publishing.

While 200+ is an ok number I'd like to see you expand your creative imagination and imagine, envision, think about, dream of and mentally walk through the process of selling 2,000 to 200,000 books within 12 to 36 months. Here's the math ($10/book X 2,000= $20,000 or $10/book X 200,000= $2,000,000) It is doable when you Think, Plan and Execute. You have within you the seed of creative genius passed on from thousands of years, as you are the sum total of all those that have come before you. If you are believing that you were created in the likeness of the Creator than you realize that you have within you the ability to write, edit and publish a masterful work. If you will it, it shall be done. Remember these things as you visit the links I've provided.

After downloading How to Self-Publish for Profit, BOOK PIMPING and Make Money Self Publishing you may want to set up a one-on-one consultation to answer questions you have concerning self-publishing your own book.

Thank you again and I hope this has given you some additional direction to help you finalize your decision on self-publishing your own book.

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