Self Publish Your Own Book Marketing Tips

The details below is my response to a question about how to self publish your own book using book clubs, speaking engagements, effectiveness of touring and finding readers that will buy your book title.

Book clubs may not be the best place for authors & books to sell the most amount of books at one time. The best place to sell books outside of book clubs (if this is the best place) depends on the genre of book. Once you know who your target market is and where they are, you go there and that ultimately is the best place to find potential customers.

I've written and published books on the music business, the modeling industry and self-publishing your own books. More than likely I will get a greater response for the self-publishing book on this site than I will for my modeling and music business books, because this is where my target market is for the How to Self-Publish for Profit Book.

Speaking engagements are effective and should be done for a number of reasons.

1) They help build your brand.
2) They give you a great deal of impulse buys.
3) They often lead to other opportunities -keep your eyes and ears open.
4) They help build your credibility as a speaker and author.
5) They give you additional material to sell -video record all of your talks/seminar/workshops.
6) They build your email list -always collect email addresses.

Touring may be very cost-effective if done correctly. You may always get sponsors to reduce and/or pay for your entire trip(s). You simply need to marriage who may benefit from you mentioning their company on the road. The possibilities are limited only by your creative imagination.

We are in a global economy and it's easier now more than ever to participate in the international markets. Whatever your book is about and whoever your reader is the book will sell based upon a number of factors -one of the most important being how effective you execute your branding, marketing, promoting, publicizing and advertising strategy.

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