Multiple Revenue Streams from Your Book

While your first, second or third book may never become a best seller you can still position yourself to make a significant amount of money self-publishing by creating additional revenue streams. These additional book revenue streams may include:
  1. paperback
  2. ebook
  3. audio book
  4. membership website
  5. screen play
  6. full feature film
  7. stage play
  8. cartoon
  9. mobile phone app
  10. Teleseminar
  11. Webinar
  12. Live seminar
  13. Workshop
  14. Board game
There's no limit to what you may do. Stay creative, find what works for you then "THINK, PLAN, EXECUTE!"™

For additional resources, ideas and ways to take full advantage of multiple revenue streams from your book you'll want to read How to Self-Publish for Profit.